Hi Everyone, please help me out by spreading the word!!! forward this message…

Hi Everyone,

please help me out by spreading the word!!! forward this message to your networks and friends as widely as possible.

if there is anyone out there who has one or two (or three?) rooms and can rent to me please get in touch at aliza@truthserum.org. i have one cat. my landlords are selling my building and i need a new place as soon as possible. i need to be close to the T, preferably the red or orange line in boston, cambridge, or somerville.

meanwhile, i have some surgeries coming up but of course there are complications.

the first one is to stretch the skin on my scalp. they have to make room for the new bone flap. this surgery was scheduled for the 22nd but they had to postpone (because of a blister!!) and it hasn't been rescheduled. this is causing a lot of grief.

the surgery to put the actual bone flap back in hasn't been scheduled yet, because they have to wait until the skin is stretched enough to put it back in.

the surgeons think it will be several weeks between the stretching procedure and the bone flap procedure. this is complicated for me because while they are stretching my scalp, i will not be able to wear my helmet and so i shouldn't really leave the house. once they start the stretching process, i have to go back every two weeks so they can increase the pressure under my skin.

ok that's it for now. i will keep you posted on the surgeries. once the procedures start i will not be able to move until at least april and probably more like may or june.

xo aliza

(ghost writing by dora)

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