Fundraiser Coordinator Volunteer Needed

Aliza’s Brain Trust needs an fundraiser/in-kind donation coordinator to liaise with those wishing to organize fundraisers & those willing to perform or donate items for a fundraiser, raffle, sale. This is mostly email coordination, hooking the right people up and getting the word out by various means. Please be comfortable w/ Google Docs & WordPress updates. Fill out this contact form or or if you have already done so then email‚Äč Thanks!

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  1. Anne Walker says:

    I used to play music in Boston and remember Eliza from attending some events she organized. Now I’m a Regional Admitting Director for the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network. Please let me know if I can help in any way with information or referrals for her therapy and rehab. I’m assuming she will need plenty once she is medically stable. Some of my family and lots of my friends are artists and I hope I can help in some way, even if it is just information. Thanks, Anne

  2. laurateodosio says:

    We’ve found this person. Thank you all!

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