Aliza going home soon! Bring us your therapies!

Much faster than anticipated but Aliza is going home tomorrow! She is medically stable and has done so well with her various therapies that she has been deemed ready for discharge. She is walking well and using her right arm, but is still weaker on her right side. While her language has improved much from that first fateful night in the ER, she still has a lot of difficulty with communication, especially reading and writing.

Going home is another big step on the road to recovery, and Aliza looking forward to being back in her apartment and reuniting with her cat Springfield. Susanna will be staying with her for the next few weeks as this journey continues.

The down side is that Aliza’s current insurance situation means that she will only be receiving speech therapy once a week. We are working on identifying more resources for services including speech therapy, physical therapy, accupuncture, and massage.

A big thanks to folks who have volunteered to provide some of these types of services to Aliza. We will likely be calling or emailing you soon. If anyone else is interested in working with Aliza, or knows of good community resources, please let us know by filling out the volunteer form.

Thank you, all of you, a million times over.

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  1. Nick Atlas says:

    I was talking to an expert on the topic and, though I’m certain you’ve already thought about it, he mentioned that acupuncture can have fairly dramatic results in stroke recovery. He suggested that I pass on the thought, so I am.

  2. Nick Atlas says:

    …and of course I looked right past the word acupuncture in the above post. Sorry. 🙂

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