In the 20+ years I’ve known Aliza, I believe the most time we’ve spent continuously in one spot has been about 45 seconds. Given that, it was a lucky pleasure to sit on the grass together outside Boston Medical Center, enjoy the sunĀ  and share some sesame and red bean Mochi (note to food train; glutinous rice cakes rule). She’s working hard at getting her computer chops up to speed and gave me an awesome stair climbing demo. Aliza’s excited about the upcoming TraniWreck Benefit this Sunday and asked me to say “hi to all the kids” for her.

Go Neurons go!!

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2 Responses to Mochi

  1. Em says:

    Mochi. Another food that I first tried because of Aliza. I think she said something like, “Ooh, you haven’t had Mochi? Try some. It’s yummy right out of the oven.” Then she probably told me which of the 10 kinds available were the tastiest and where to pick some up for myself.

  2. Kuma Lisa says:

    Clarification: Glutinous rice products are called such because they are from a sticky type of rice, and do not actually contain Gluten (a wheat / barley / rye protein). Aliza is gluten intolerant meaning she cannot eat GLUTEN — wheat and related grains which contain the gluten protein. The “glutinous” rice, is A-OK, though, as is rice in general. Yummmm.

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