An Update from Aliza

I love to have you being supportive of me here. Possible bad news from 2 different hospitals last week. One hospital reports possible tumor, maybe cancer, needing surgery within a few weeks & maybe death within two years. And other hospital reports that they don’t necessarily believe it’s cancer & encourage us to “wait and see”. It is really difficult for me to stay in touch with people, but I wanted to let you all know the more complicated story of what is going on.

Thank you to all who have helped, and if you want to help out in any way please go to


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  1. Zane Barlow says:

    Hey Aliza,
    I have a PhD in Neuroscience/Biomedical Science and use to teach medical students neuroscience. If you or your people need help understanding any of the information your doctors are giving you, email me, I’d be more than happy to translate or provide more medical information resources so you can make fully informed decisions.

    Zane (

  2. Eric P. says:

    Best wishes for your long-term health!

  3. Martin says:

    OK, first of, hope it’s not cancer. Although even then, that mass needs to be removed since even benign tumors are dangerous in the brain.

    Second, if it is cancer, we’ll work through this. I helped buy my dad an extra couple few years when he was given a few months and he wasn’t nearly as young, strong and determined as you. There’s lots to be done to get rid of the cancer or at least keep it in check for a long time. Hope it turns out that you do NOT need that info but if you do, I’ve got your back.

    Take care, stay strong.

  4. Ilene Turock says:

    Dear Aliza,
    It has been so helpful havng this website to provide current information.
    Reading all the messages of support flying over the internet to you reflects
    all the love you have offered to so many over the years. I know that
    whatever new complications may come your way you will overcome them.
    I am pulling for you along with so many others!! Ilene Turock

  5. Thea says:

    Dear Aliza:

    You don’t know me, but hopefully that won’t stop the positive vibes I’m sending your way. My name is Thea, and I’m from New Orleans, LA. You hosted portions of IDKE in Austin in 2006, and I was super impressed at your consummate professionalism, humor and intelligence. You must be scared right now; I can only imagine getting such news after a traumatic event like a stroke. It’s my hope that the love around you emboldens you, and that the strength you have already shown isn’t tested further by more troubles. Please know that you’re being thought of, and though the situation may seem dire, nothing breeds more strength than necessity.


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