8/6/11 Status – Emergency Surgery Tonight

Aliza’s swelling has been persistent so the docs decided the best course of action is to do brain surgery. They will remove part of the skull to help relieve the pressure and also remove some of the fluid. It is the most conservative surgery choice at this point and she was totally up for it. She is going in now and should be done in a few hours.

Before she went in she told us “I want- I need- a buzz.” “A shave?” No. “Some coffee?” No. We finally figured out that she wanted she wanted us to spread the word. Ever the producer! So pass it along folks. And please keep the love coming and invoke all the gods, goddesses, spirits and universal energies you all typically call on in whatever ways you do. Big love to all of you.

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7 Responses to 8/6/11 Status – Emergency Surgery Tonight

  1. valerie says:

    so.many.prayers.me & the _______ upstairs(?) are hella tight.

  2. etana says:

    love and love and love and so much healing energies – go at it, big beautiful brain of awesome! Rock the surgeons!

  3. Lilia Halpern says:

    aliza.. i will travel to NYC, PHILLY, PATTERSON (NJ), BALTIMORE and BROOKLINE to get you the most amazing assortment of lox you will have ever seen…… planning my route as I write this xoxoLILIA

  4. Mel says:

    Aliza– all my love is coming to you. I adore you!
    Xoxoxoxo happy thoughts

  5. Austin says:

    We love you, Aliza!

  6. Rosemary says:

    Really appreciate these updates, especially since I’m currently half a world away. Or rather, you can report to Aliza that her buzz has spread all the way to Japan!

  7. januar says:

    Aliza’s universal & androgynous glow, within & without, will support her healing… and shine ever brighter!

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