8/5/11 Status – Big Brain, Big Bleed

Many of you have asked why Aliza is still in ICU and why there is still swelling. These are all valid questions as we are now 11 days out from the stroke. But Aliza’s big brains suffered a big ole bleed leaving a 3 cm diameter blood clot. And that, in brain land, is simply ginormous. That is why her swelling has been significant and persistent. The medical staff believes that the current medicinal regimen should keep her swelling in a safe range while her body does the job of resorbing the blood clot formed after the hemorrhage. But this will take time.

It is likely she will be in the Intensive Care Unit for at least 2 more weeks. Which means darlings, she can’t get flowers or visits from glittery dancing girls and boys, or anyone else for that matter. And probably no homemade sauteed greens and all the other yummy things you guys were dreaming up to save her from hospital food. She is back to no food and no drink for right now.

She sends her thanks and wants the whole word to know that we who are taking care of her are being completely unreasonable in not allowing her a laptop and a cup of coffee.

Big love and big thanks to all!

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11 Responses to 8/5/11 Status – Big Brain, Big Bleed

  1. Kae says:

    Thanks SO MUCH for the update! Meanwhile, that just gives us all more time to dream up bigger and better and more tempting recipes and acquire more glitter. Hugs to the Brain Trust and much love to Aliza, who has been a part of so many amazing moments for me over the last howevermany (although neither of us can quite remember how many) years. I mean it. Amazing. Love.

  2. Gunner says:

    Tell her we will line up the espresso shots, fancy coffee drinks, and all the coffee ice cream she can eat as a celebration when she gets out of that ICU. Thank you for the status updates. Big love to you Aliza!

    • Brandy Kurtz says:

      OMG! The hospital staff are going to just LOVE the freak show circus that will arrive once we get the go ahead to visit.

  3. mel prest says:

    Yay! Aliza: absorb that blood and enjoy the drugs as much as you are able!

    It is going to be one huge celebration when you are out of ICU, and when you can begin receiving gifts, so rest up now.
    Sending you all my love,

  4. mo moulton says:

    Thanks so much for writing these updates, Teo. Very much appreciated.

  5. toni says:

    For every single one of those days, you, Aliza, will be in all of our hearts and thoughts. Just you wait till we can show up. MGH won’t know what to make of us!

  6. Rachel says:

    Thanks so much for all your work to keep us in the loop, Team Aliza.
    Remember to take care of yourselves as well.

  7. Kuma Lisa says:

    Want to Volunteer For Aliza or do you have a benefit in the works?

    Please answer a few quick questions about volunteering preferences– even if you posted or e-mailed the Aliza Brain Trust Team about it earlier. It will help us put names with help offers, which we can then schedule more efficiently.


    Many, many thanks for your creativity and generosity!
    KL for the Brain Trust Team

  8. Amanda says:


    I am thinking of you every day and praying for you to muster all the strength I know you have to rock your way out of this thing. You are in my heart old friend. The western Ma contingency is rooting for you.

  9. Julie Flynn says:

    Thanks for the updates– and WOW– what she’s going through is so intense! 🙁
    So glad Aliza has such an amazing group of friends and loved ones.

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