More MRI’s on Wednesday…

Aliza Shapiro at Traniwreck

Aliza Shapiro 9/17/2011 Photo by Dad: Alan Shapiro

On Wednesday, September 28, I’ll be getting MRI number 3. We’ll be getting the results and discussing them with doctors from different places and getting their opinions. Is there a tumor? Cancer or not? None at all? Maybe this MRI will tell more. Maybe not. (in any case, please pray / dream /whatever for NONE!)

All of the running around,  meetings and waiting around (plus the physical therapy, speech therapy, acupuncture, massage etc.) is going to make me a nervous mess and I apologize if I disappear for a bit. Please check out this site and maybe my Facebook page
for updates. Stay tuned to Truth Serum on Facebook for event updates.  We will be updating it to the best of our ability.

Thank you all for your support! Big time.



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4 Responses to More MRI’s on Wednesday…

  1. Em and Cary says:

    You can be sure we will be sending you all of the good feelings and love we can wrangle on Wednesday! Think positive and stay strong.

  2. danyel says:

    All my love Aliza!

  3. Lesli Turock says:

    I’ll be hoping for you Aliza!

  4. Mo says:

    Good luck tomorrow. Will be thinking of you and sending you brain waves of love.

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