EVENTS! (TraniWreck) BIRTHDAY! plus: Dr. Sketchy Sunday

Hi Folks, 

Last reminder about the show! We’d love to have you there! Especially if it’s your bday! But really in any case… Come party like there’s no tomorrow. (wait, that’s kind of more morbid than i intend…)

I finally got photos up from Decembercheck them out!  A CHEAP (TraniWreck) BIRTHDAY Thursday February 9th is going to be an amazing party!

Please come out!

Use your pal Heywood’s discount: heywoodwakefield

Discounts are limited! please snatch them up.

Best, Aliza  

PS: we always need volunteers! drop me a line if you’re interested.
pps: that is my brain (the white is blood clot that is getting smaller) made into a cat by Gina Kamentsky!

Thursday February 9, 2012
2 Arrow Street Harvard Square Cambridge, MA
doors: 8pm show: 9:00pm 18+

It’s our Cheap Birthday! Well, it’s Heywood Wakefield and Johnny Blaze’s and a bunch of others too! We’ll have live performances, an evening heavy on the drinks and dancing, PLUS CHEAP CELEBRITY TICKETS!

TraniWreck is the legendary, award winning, cabaret variety show featuring genderbending irreverence; Drag, Burlesque, Aerials and Performance Art. Since 2004, TraniWreck has been twisting the status quo and creating space for the spectacular on the stage and in the audience. TraniWreck has been the home of brilliantly revealing costumes, inconceivably long nails, facial hair of astronomic proportions, gold lame’, debauchery and more attitude than a $13 cocktail.

We’re shifting the focus a bit for this party!


Host and MC Heywood Wakefield

Johnny Blazes

Madge of Honor


Aquanette Jones



DJ Chris Ewen, Brent Covington and Super Squirrel!


OBERON features only ONE seating tonight: 

VIP Mezzanine (balcony) cabaret seating with cocktail service.
And of course, standing room! Easy access to the bar and PLENTY OF ROOM TO DANCE!

Sunday June 12, 2011 2.30-5.30pm
Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Burlesque Life Drawing Session
featuring: Marilyn Meow!!!
Great Scott
1222 Commonwealth Ave Allston (at corner of Harvard)
$8 2.30-5.30pm 18+ (bring your ID, this is a bar)

Featuring our model  Marilyn Meow!!!

Dr. Sketchy is the life drawing session you dreamed of in your deviously creative art school head. Hot models with crazy costumes, sometimes genderbending antics, poses that keep your interest for hours, nice folks around you, drinks, and it’s cheap. The models talk and keep you entertained, there’s good music, you could win prizes for good and bad art! You don’t have to be a good artist, or someone who draws everyday. Dr. Sketchy is a great place to start back up with your practice, or to try to pick up a new creative outlet.

We start with short poses to get you warmed up and then move on to longer and longer poses, but that’s about where the traditional life drawing session stops…

Check out the photos section for images of past Sketchy’s Sessions.
Check out Dr. Sketchy’s World Headquarters
Check out the Dr. Sketchy Tumblr Group Blog where you can upload drawings!

Save these dates:

second sundays =  dr. sketchy at great scott 2:30-5:30
fourth tuesdays = dr. sketchy at club cafe 7-9pm

Tuesday February 28: Mary Dolan
Sunday March 11: Ludella Hahn
Tuesday March 27: Sabrina Chap
Sunday April 8: Strawberry-Cream Pie
Tuesday April 24: Michelle Turner-Young

the end. for realz.
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