2 Events You Should Know About This Week

Hi Folks.

I am still healing slow and steady. Brain Hemorrhages are a bitch to spell and heal! Still happy to be alive! Brain still hurts, skull is still missing 1/3 of it’s part (those things don’t grow back!), still having a challenging time with my right side, especially right hand. In fact, that’s why there isn’t a lot of typing or communication from me still. Also the speaking is challenging too…

I owe everyone big thank yous for helping me in the many ways you have! It’s so appreciated and honestly, still needed. Thank you tons.

This will be updated soon too. And if your are interested: www.alizabraintrust.org.

OK! enough of that…there is stuff to look forward to!!! Dr. Sketchy has been happening while I’ve been down! Johnny Blazes and Allix Mortis have been running the Sunday and Tuesday night sessions. And we’ve got TraniWreck: Wreckage contest show coming on Dec. 28th.

Best, Aliza
ps. i can’t find the spell right button on this website building thing. more to re-learn damn it. please forgive mispelling and send a cloud of helpers over!

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Meanwhile, here’s what’s going on:

1) A Benefit for Aliza’s Brain Trust! and A Birthday Party for Vicky!

The Haven JP

2 Perkins St.
Thursday, November 17 9pm
Facebook invite


CQ Presents

Lovers / GRYGIEL / Des Ark / The Shondes

Thursday, Nov 17, 2011 8:00 PM EST
O’Brien’s, Allston, MA
21 years and over

Tickets here: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3925465

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