How the heck is Aliza?
Please check out our status page.

Where the heck is Aliza?
Aliza is at the rehabilitation facility Boston Medical Center. If you want to mail her a card, glitter or some outrageous token of your love, send it to Aliza Shaprio, PO Box 144, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130. We will be checking that daily.

How can I donate?
Right here on the donation page or check out the events page for events being held and art being made in support of Aliza.

How can I help by volunteering or helping out in some way?
Fill out our contact form even if you have already sent an email or post.

Want to make food for Aliza
Email the food train coordinator – food @ alizabraintrust.org and fill out our
contact form.

How do I get my fundraising event or special project to benefit the Brain Trust listed on your site?
Fill out that same groovy contact form or email questions @ alizabraintrust.org.

I have other questions.
Email questions @ alizabraintrust.org.

One Response to FAQ

  1. ace says:

    hey this is ace from new orleans, aliza and i have met at idke. in my day job, i work as a public interest health care attorney. i used to work at health law advocates in boston. they do a lot of work around medical debt and help uninsured ppl negotiate their bills. maybe they can help? hla-inc.org.

    peace and glitter,


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