Our goal is to raise at least ten months worth of living expenses for Aliza as it is unlikely that she will be able to work for a long while. 

What is that number? Well, we wish we knew exactly but we don’t. However our sense is that it is going to be a lot. It is hard to put an end number to that because there are still many unknowns.

First, because of the continued swelling, doctors can’t make a meaningful long term or even short term prognosis. And if the swelling continues or increases even a little bit, surgery may be needed.

Second, it’s unclear what Mass Free Care and Mass Health will cover of her sizable medical expenses.

But trust in knowing that every dollar donated here will go directly to paying her bills and living expenses, from food to rent to ongoing medical treatments and therapies she many need as result of the stroke.

Please donate whatever you can. Even $5 helps us gets us closer. And if you have any questions, please contact Laura at questions @

Walter Sickert Ink Drip Prints
Donate over $100 the Braintrust Fund and get a matted and signed print from Army of Broken Toys. Simply email info @ with your paypal receipt.


Many of you have expressed interest in helping Aliza out. Certainly there is much to be done! Please click here to help us better coordinate Aliza’s care– even if you have sent us an e-mail or a post about volunteering.

Thank you!

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  1. Twiz Rimer says:

    I have some paintings that I would like to donate if at all interested? You can have them to sell or give away for donation etc… you can email me/text me/ or call at 772 403 3811. I look forward to hearing from you. thanks!

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