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TraniWreck Postponed until Sept 16th

Due to Tropical Storm Irene, tonight’s TraniWreck has been postponed until next month. Join us on September 16th at Oberon for the same outrageous band of performers and mind-bending acts that you have come to expect.

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Aliza going home soon! Bring us your therapies!

Much faster than anticipated but Aliza is going home tomorrow! She is medically stable and has done so well with her various therapies that she has been deemed ready for discharge. She is walking well and using her right arm, … Continue reading

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8/24/2011 – Rehab Hospital for September

Aliza was moved to the rehab facility at Boston Medical Center over the weekend where she will stay for about a month. She now has semi-regular access to her phone and laptop. Watch out!

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Work, work, work, heal, heal, heal. Rehab hospital next stop.

Aliza is doing some kickin’ healing these days. On Friday, she was eager to show us how she could swing her legs off her bed and stand up on her own. Today, wearing her shiny new white helmet, we went … Continue reading

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8/11/11 Status – Eating, drinking, wanting more coffee

Tonight Aliza was moved from ICU to a general stroke/neurology floor. She is slowly gaining a bit more physical control over her right side again. Today, while we were having a random bedside chat, she casually bent her right knee … Continue reading

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Art for your $100 Donation

DONATE $100 AND GET A ROCKIN’ PRINT Walter Sickert Ink Drip Prints Donate over $100 the Braintrust Fund and get a matted and signed print from Army of Broken Toys. Simply email info @ with your paypal receipt.

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Fundraiser Coordinator Volunteer Needed

Aliza’s Brain Trust needs an fundraiser/in-kind donation coordinator to liaise with those wishing to organize fundraisers & those willing to perform or donate items for a fundraiser, raffle, sale. This is mostly email coordination, hooking the right people up and … Continue reading

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8/8/11 Status Update – Talking

Aliza had brain surgery. The kind where a hot shot surgeon took off a piece of her skull and then sucked out a pesky pool of blood with a super high tech pipette. Yes, scary. Super scary. But damn, if … Continue reading

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8/7/11 Status – Through Surgery and Awake

Aliza’s surgery went without complication last night though it will take time to get a full prognosis. She is now awake and responsive though groggy. She is not quite breathing on her own though fighting valiantly to get there. Despite … Continue reading

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8/6/11 Status – Emergency Surgery Tonight

Aliza’s swelling has been persistent so the docs decided the best course of action is to do brain surgery. They will remove part of the skull to help relieve the pressure and also remove some of the fluid. It is … Continue reading

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